The most versatile flood light designed specifically for First Responders.


The wireless FROG flood light is designed specifically for First Responders to quickly flood large dark areas with a bright white light. Each FROG light is durable and powerful with a self standing swivel base and an LED panel equivalent to a 500 watt halogen at an incredible 120 degree beam throw angle. We encourage you to "cut the cord" and improve emergency response anytime, anywhere!

Design Specs

100% Cordless & rechargeable

Wide 120 degree beam angle

500 watt halogen

6+ hours run time

IP64 Water resistant

Magnetized and mountable

360 swivel stand + handle

Compact and lightweight design

Durable polycarbonate and steel construction

Convenient waterproof charging case

Low Heat


What's Included?

Includes 4 F.R.O.G wireless lights and a durable, compact waterproof charging case for easy transportation, space savings, and safe storage.

Experience a new level of lighting flexibility with the new Frog light from VividLite wireless lighting. 

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