Feature Rich. Ultra Portable. Versatile.

Vividlite® specializes in the design and manufacture of high end wireless lighting systems, with an emphasis on portability and functionaliy. With over 10 years of lighting experience, our mission is to apply innovative technologies toward intuitive and user-friendly lighting products.


We've always been the type to launch innovative and out there designs. With a passion for technology and vibrant professional lighting, we thought what could we do to bring that same experience to the rest of us, for a fraction of the price.

VividLite® is a company we developed for a myriad of reasons. Convenience, simplicity, design, and unique looking products are the some of the reasons.


There are so many examples you can use them for. Whether it's lighting up your campsite on your cross country road trip, backyard illumination, parties, weddings, and even house decor.

- Wireless & Remote Controlled

- Apple and Andriod App

- Magnetic & Waterresistant

- High output RGBW LED's

- Control up to 30 lights

- 9-15 hours of run time

- Charge time: 3 hrs


F.R.O.G (First Responders Operational Ground Light) is our brand new, all purpose, ultra-portable battery powered LED flood light. It is comparable to a 500 watt halogen lamp and features an incredible 120 degree beam. Frog floods large areas with bright light whilst eliminating the hassle and hazard of running cords and generators.

We are based in the San Juan Capistrano, California and shipping from our local warehouse across the globe.

Thank You for your support on our journey!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team at info@vividlite.com